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    Dairy Equipment
    JM series colloidal mills
    Colloid pump
    GS Series Screw pump
    High-Shear Homogenizer
    Kettle type emulsifier
    Mix the pump
    Suction powder mixer
    Piping fittings
    Pneumatic pulp pump
    Hao GS-type single-screw pump mainly by: Enter the driving shaft, bearing seat, seal parts, universal joint shaft, inhalation room, press out the room, rotor, stator and other major component parts. Of its compact structure, small parts, small size, maintenance is simple, rotor and stator is the pump wearing parts, structural simplicity, ease of Assembly and Disassembly.

    Hao GS-type single-screw pump chart 1
    1, discharging port 2, wearing bar 3, the rotor 4, the stator 5, tight hoop 6, pin
    7, sealing sets of 8, intermediate shaft 9, the suction body 10, mechanical seal seat
    11, bearing block 12, mechanical seal 13, shaft 14, frame 15, bearing
    16, bearing 17, seal, 18, coupling 19, the base 20, motor

    Hao GS-type single-screw pump chart 2

    GS-type single-screw pump of the driving method

    1,wearing a discharge mouth bar 2,rotor 3,stator 4,sealing sets
    5,intermediate shaft 6,the feed port 7,mechanical seals 8,bearing

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