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    Dairy Equipment
    JM series colloidal mills
    Colloid pump
    GS Series Screw pump
    High-Shear Homogenizer
    Kettle type emulsifier
    Mix the pump
    Suction powder mixer
    Piping fittings
    Pneumatic pulp pump
    Water-powder mixing pump makes use of high-speed rotating wing wheel to sufficiently mix materials and fluids in order to receive required finished products, the max temperature absorbed by this equipment is 80¡É£¬ especially suitable for producing remanufacturing milk, besides, it can be used to produce juice and other beverages, so that it is one of necessary equipments in foodstuff and beverage industries.

    Before using, pay attention whether the sealing parts are properly assembled, whether the coupling parts are tight and reliable, whether the rotation direction of wing wheel is clockwise, furthermore, in order to ensure sanitary requirements of food, disinfect the machine with steam before using, make sure that everything is okey before using.

    2¡¢ Using notice: The upper screw thread pipe £¨Rd58?1/6£© connecting to pump cover is fluid inlet, the liquid after mixing flows out from the lower nozzle £¨Rd58?1/6£©, the two trapeziform rubber pipe tie-in at the lower part of pump are inlet and outlet pipes for cold water, specially for cooling down mechanical sealing.

    This pump is very convenient to disassemble, as long as loosening the clamp could the inlet hopper and pump cover come away, as long as unscrewing the four nuts could the pump cover be opened, as long as loosening the locknut (this nut is left turning, the clockwise direction is loosening) on the principal axis and taking wing wheel away could the mechanical sealing parts be seen. Besides, there are two seals between principal axis and motor, if there is leakage, examine whether the sealing parts are damaged immediately, replace them if necessary. The mechanical sealing parts can be used after rubbing.

    3¡¢Disassemble and clean immediately after using to prevent dirt of fluid material from accumulating. Disassemble the wing wheel to carry out general cleaning. At first, let hot water pass through it, second, disassemble and clean out, third, assemble one after another, the on the machine frame should not be blocked, or the sealing washer will be invalid and the liquid will overflow to motor, that is to say, it may be burnt.

    £´¡¢When using and cleaning, the outer crust of motor should not be disassembled to prevent motor from being damaged because of water entering.

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